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Hired Guns to Fix IT Complications

Inventivo Pte. Ltd. is your trustable established team that provides IT Professional Services, IT Managed Services, IT Support and Maintenance Services of world-class standards. We are formed by a team of experts who have been working in MNC environment to deliver massive projects.

Endeavoured to provide services and consultation for most of the major products in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Inventivo team is skilful at handling all kinds of IT technical projects whichever applicable in a complex communication system. We have IT professionals in different technology modules to provide one-stop services when it comes to Information Technology.

Currently, we work with large telco, system-integrators, IT product distributors, and IT product principals to provide top-notch services to meet their end customers’ satisfaction.

Vision & Mission

Aspired to be the most trustable partners to our customers, Inventivo provides the best services and consultations leveraging on vast knowledge and years of experiences in Information and Communication Technology field.

On top of providing the best quality of technical services, we also commit on customer engagement to help our customers to gain high satisfaction from their end customers.

Core Value

Inventivo prioritises users’ experience. With that said, we handle works by developing people-centric IT infrastructure that provides result-driven services, as we truly believe if you keep your customers in good care, they will take care of your business.